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Home Port (Courses 2013 – 14): Mr. D. R. Potthast, LCDR, USN – Retired

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This web page is designed to allow students and parents to have a better understanding of how my classroom is run.  Each of my classes syllabus will be available to the viewer under each classes specific page.  Also, there will be weekly assignments and criteria  posted on the web page blog to allow students who were absent to catch up.  If I could be of any further assistance please feel free to contact me at or 309-793-8020.
Here are the classroom rules and procedures I adhere to:

Classroom Rules and Procedures for Room NE-20 (2013 – 2014)

Mr. D. R. Potthast, LCDR, USN-Retired



  1. The Student Handbook is on par with the U.S. Constitution for this class and will be adhered to
2.  ALL purses and man-bags will be left on the table designated by the instructor.
  1. There shall be no:

–          Eating (this includes lollipops and suckers) or chewing (includes gum).

–          Drinking (water (NOT ENHANCED) is the only exception in water bottles only).

–          Primping (this is not a salon, keep the lotions at home).

–          Using any chairs for a foot stool (likewise do not use any table as an art pad, carving board, or Petri dish).

–          Sitting on the ventilator.

–          Launching unguided and uncontrolled objects into the atmosphere.

–          Using a cell phone for ANY reason unless directed to by me in the event of an emergency.


  1. Rest room visit requests are permitted but limited to one person at a time with a maximum of five (5) minutes.



  1. Seating is assigned at the beginning of the semester.  Changes will be made periodically and as necessary.


  1. Spelling and grammar count.  When in doubt about a word – look it up in the dictionary.  AVOID FATAL ERRORS: USING ANY TEXT MESSAGING SHORTCUTS!  As a high school student there is an expectation that you have mastered rudimentary English (foreign exchange students excepted) and can express yourself clearly and intelligently. Your point when writing out a response must be clear to the reader.


  1. Grades are computed as follows for each of the 9 week quarters (handbook policy – modified):

–          Assignments count toward 40% of your total grade.  Short term assignments, in class activities and group work constitutes 20%.  The remaining 20%  will come from each of the 9-week projects that you will be assigned.  Completion of and turning in all 9-week projects is mandatory for successful completion of this course.

–          Quizzes and Tests count toward 30% of your total grade.  The lowest quiz or test score at the end of each 9-weeks will be dropped.

–          Class attendance, being prepared (bring your book) and participation will contribute toward 10% of your grade.  Sleeping in class, reading during lectures, working on other assignments, or failing to be prepared will seriously deplete this grade.  Cell phone and dress code violations will be included in this grade.

–          Comprehensive 9-week exams count toward 20% of your total grade.

–          Your semester grade is an average of each of the 9 weeks grades.


  1. Extra credit projects will only be offered to students who have completed all assigned work and who desire to go beyond the level of the material presented in this course.  This additional work will not be offered as a last minute “get well” at the end of the grading period and is due on the assigned due date.


  1. Assignments and projects are to be completed on time for full creditAll projects are mandatory and required to be turned in to pass the requisite course.  Late assignments are assessed a penalty of 10% per day.  Reading assignments are to be completed prior to class and are subject to quizzes.  For all U.S. History students who are re-taking this course, ALL ASSIGNMENTS MUST BE TURNED IN to pass this course!


  1. Written assignments will be legible and neat when turned in.  All assignments will be typed in the prescribed format and free of doodling, cartoons, amorous or other notes to yourself or other people, stains, and not torn.


  1. Unexcused absences, suspensions (in and out of school), and tardies will affect your weekly grade.


  1. If you act like a maturing adult you will be treated like an adult.


  1. Expect the unexpected!

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