Jul 24 2012

United States History Syllabus Addendum

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United States History


2012 – 2013



Due to my participation in a federal teaching grant that has teachers travel to various parts of the United States, this year’s course will begin with an intense survey of topics that centered in or around the central middle and southwestern states.  The grant permits teachers to travel to various sites in the United States to become better equipped to instruct the lessons of history that happened at these locations.  This is the third year of a second four-year grant and the federal government requires an early completion of all required paperwork associated with the grant.  This means that I am required to teach some lessons that normally would fall in the late fall and early spring semesters now.


The topics that will be presented and tested between August 23 and September 14 will include:

–          The Battle of the Alamo

–          The Presidency of Lyndon Baines Johnson

–          The Oklahoma City Bombing and Domestic Terrorism


In view of this alteration in my normal syllabus, I will not be assigning a project for the first quarter only.  Instead all assignments from the textbook or made by me will be 40% of the first quarter’s grade as opposed to the description under grades in the normal syllabus.  Additionally, once the grant required units are completed I will begin with the conclusion of the American Revolution from Great Britain rather than spending time on the pre-Columbian, Columbian and colonial period of the New World.  As the year progresses and we encounter the topics being presented at the beginning of the year, there will be more information offered that goes beyond what the grant requirements include.  Rather than teaching a duplicate lesson of what has already been presented a different focus will be offered that will hopefully encourage more discussion and a better understanding of how these events fit into the greater scope of United States History.


If you have any questions regarding this course please feel free to contact me as I described in the regular syllabus.


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