Jan 19 2011

U.S. History Project 2

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“Someone I Admired”

Researching and Building a Memorial

To a Personally Influential Person

For the third 9-weeks project you will be learning as much as possible about a person who has passed away that lived during the first eighty-five years of the twentieth century (1901 – 1985). This person may be a relative or someone that you have personally had contact with who you esteem, and who has made an impact upon your life directly or indirectly.

The choice of materials and the format of the memorial are completely up to you.A scrapbook, notebook, or posters are all acceptable formats.You may be as artistic as you wish, but the content must be respectful of the person you are honoring.It should be neat and, at a minimum, include the following:

At least one photo or picture of the person being reported on

Date and place of birth

Date and place of death

Location of internment (if he/she was buried)

(Optional) If buried, include a rubbing of the name, and dates from the individual’s headstone, or a picture of the gravesite.

Remember, you are building a memorial to someone who meant something to you and has had an impact on your life, and has now passed on.

You will need to personally interview one or more people who knew the person you are researching to find out what he/she did in his/her life (occupation, hobbies, interests). How are you related or connected to this individual?Where did he/she go to school and what level of schooling did he/she attain?Did he/she serve in the armed forces and when?Was he/she married and where did he/she live?Did he/she have any stories to pass along that described growing up during the years prior to 1985?If so, pick a memorable one and include it in your memorial.What, in your opinion, made this person someone that stands out and befitting a memorial?

From this research about the individual, you will write a minimum of two pages, double spaced describing the life of this person and explain why or how he/she made an impact on your life.This paper is to be typed with one-inch margins and using 12 point font (the size of the font in these instructions) in Times New Roman.The project is due on ___________________________.